There is a complex range of legal and practical questions that come into play when planning your estate including planning for the special needs of an individual and potential long term care concerns. These matters require careful and precise strategizing by an attorney to ensure that your goals and future needs are addressed efficiently.

Questions involving elder law issues can arise in a number of different situations. For instance, you may require planning for your long-term care needs. These plans may be necessary for you and your spouse. There may be competency issues involved, or you may need to be protected from the risk of financial exploitation or abuse. An attorney who is familiar with these elder law issues can advise and protect you against these risks.

The attorneys at Steenrod, Schwartz & McMinimee, LLP understand how the various areas of the law affect the implementation of current and future planning, helping to recognize and resolve any potential problems effectively. Decades of experience combined with solid expertise in elder law matters have helped us develop a strong network, consisting of insurance and health professionals, investment advisors, care managers, and home care agencies. A network like this can be invaluable in the implementation of a proper plan. Our clients benefit from this access to a range of related services, and we can help with the coordination of such services

How We Can Help

The attorneys at Steenrod, Schwartz & McMinimee, LLP offer a broad range of services that cover all aspects of special needs, long term care and estate planning.

  • We are experienced in general estate and tax planning, including preparation of wills, living and testamentary trusts, powers of attorney and living wills.
  • Our attorneys can provide valuable advice regarding preservation of estate plans upon various changes of circumstances, including divorce and second marriages, the birth and/or adoption of children, and the incapacity of one or both spouses.
  • In case of minors or incapacitated individuals, our attorneys can provide assistance in petitioning a court for approval of personal injury settlements. This could include a request for conservatorship, funding of a special needs trust, or application for disability benefits through Social Security.
  • Our attorneys can implement Medicaid planning for disabled individuals, especially in personal injury matters. In addition, our attorneys can help determine how funds recovered after an accident can best be utilized to maximize financial benefits to you over your lifetime.
  • Our attorneys can also advise you on your application for disability benefits, weighing the benefits and downfalls of each program and approach.
  • Our attorneys can assist you in determining your potential future care needs and will coordinate with other applicable entities to ensure that your best interests are always put first.
  • Our attorneys can offer assistance in applying for long-term Medicaid benefits, including working with a specific facility to ensure that there is no lapse in payment.
  • Our attorneys can also plan to maximize and preserve assets for one spouse while providing long-term care benefits for the other spouse. This may involve transferring and restructuring of assets to provide maximum benefits to the spouse who is still living in the community.
  • Our attorneys can also help with planning for individuals in second or subsequent marriages, especially in matters regarding long-term care needs of one spouse.


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